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"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." - Martin Buber

Compassion, fear, stress, love, an animal's eyes encompass all emotions, possibly even more so then yours and mine. Why is this? Why have they learned to share their emotions through their eyes, while we as humans often hide our emotions deep within? Is it because it is the only way they are able to communicate deeply with us? And communicate they wish to do. From farm animals to pets, those animals in contact with humans reach out to communicate with us. They endeavor to share their world with us somehow. Yes, they can use body language quite well, but when all else fails, an animal resorts to using their eyes to communicate important feelings to us.

I see this with my dogs, especially my Yorky. If I dare try to change up his walk time, he gets right in my face with his intense gaze trying to penetrate my mind..."walk, walk, walk". And I have to answer him and explain as best I can with words he understands that yes, we will walk, but later today. Not that that comforts him, but he does seem to understand enough to release eye contact and relax. I find eyes are easily noticed when there is emotion within them, not just in animals, but I children and adults too. Personally, eyes seem to have a direct connect to my heart. I "hear" an animal in distress just as much through seeing their eyes as hearing their plaintive calls tugging at my heart strings.

I dream of a world where one day there is no longer abuse of any sentient being, which causes such anguish to be revealed in their eyes. I dream of a world where the eyes sparkle with joy in every being, of fun and laughter, play and work all appreciated and loved. A world where mundane chores are appreciated in the present and simply a moving through the "now". What is a dream, but an idea, but without the idea, life can be listless without purpose. I have laid the groundwork with my dream. I have made choices to make a difference one step at a time. Moment flows into moment. Time is endless.

The world evolves with our choices. Love your choices. We can make a difference for the good of all.

Through enlightenment, we rise together to a new world.

Love and blessings, Eraine

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